Sign Up for your FREE “Predatar – TSM in the Cloud” trial.

Within minutes you can start to receive analytical information, reports, trends, monitoring and alerting. You don’t need to install a large database server as it’s all done in the IBM Softlayer cloud. A free trial will help you:
  • Identify risks to your data protection
  • Analyse data occupancy and capacity information
  • Optimise use of your infrastructure assets – server, tape , disk
However, we need to collect some information about yourself, your organization and your TSM servers in order to complete the registration process. This should only take a couple of minutes.

At the end of the registration process you will be presented with a custom download link for the Predatar client. You will need to install this client on your network in a location that can communicate with both the TSM servers and the Predatar cloud.

The Predatar client will take just a couple of minutes to install, and will start collecting metadata about your TSM environment immediately. There is nothing more for you to install, no database, no web server. Nice and simple…

If you have any questions about the registration process or need help during the trial then please email us at giving a brief description of your query, and how you want us to make contact. We’ll call you back if that’s what you want.

Please note your trial is limited to 21 days, for 3 TSM servers and 3 users.

We hope you enjoy Predatar – TSM in the Cloud.